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Parks and Recreation Alphabet → b
 ↳ ben’s butt

"You ever heard Leslie talk about Ben’s butt? I’m all like - damn, girl, you mad sweet on that back meat."


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Title: UnknownOut Of Sight
Artist: UnknownHummingJill
Album: UnknownDoctor Who Originals
Played: 300 times


OUT OF SIGHT by hummingjill

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Come, follow me to where my path leads!
I’m used to feeling so safe since you’re watching over me.

I’ll take off my armour, I’ll put down my sword,
I don’t need them anymore!

All my perceptions and all of my lust,
I will burn them into dust.

I’ll fly away but i won’t stray too far,
I only remember who I am when I know where you are.

And I might be different and I might be strange,
but you’ll learn to accept this change.

I’m not the same actor up on the stage,
I’m drowned by fear, I’m full of rage.

Remember, I tried to hold on too tight,
to finally rewrite my past.
All of my might is cowered with fright,
so don’t let me out of sight, don’t let me out of your sight!

I took off my mask but you always saw right through,
all of my lies dissipate when I’m next to you.

Brimming with hatred and no faith to spare,
hold me back, before I tear!

Getting more ruthless, the further I tread.
The good man’s gone, who knows what’s ahead?

You can’t see me, can you? I’m right here!
You can’t see me, don’t you know, I didn’t disappear!
Please just see me!

I’ve seen stars burning so bright within the dark,
but you’re outshining all of them with the smallest of sparks.


Jojen Reed Appreciation Week: Day Two: Favorite Scene(s)

↳ “You must be Summer.”

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Watch Emma’s speech and take action

there’s what I believe… and then there’s you.

He can’t win. That’s because our masked bandit is a coward. Yeah. He never took an oath, he’s a fake. He’s a liar and a coward.